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Want a website that comes from the heart, AND gets great results?

Your website might be out-of-date, non-existent, or the best-looking website ever!  If it's not getting a lot of clients for your organization, I can help!

Businesses and non-profits know that it takes more than good looks to attract clients!  If you want your visitors to become customers or donors or volunteers, you need content that is convincing and up-to-date.  If visitors to your website aren't convinced that they should get on your e-mail list, you're not having the impact you could be.

There's a tried-and-true approach that builds a connection with your clients, and allows you to stay true to your values, and away from the sleazy marketing that you hate. With my guide, “Your Heart's Treasure”, and one of the content packages below, we can develop the content you need for your new, more effective website.

Before you start, you need to do the exercises from my workbook, "Your Heart's Treasure"
This approach works really well, because:
  • The heart-centred content comes from you. The exercises in the guide will help communicate your heart content to your clients.
  • Being really clear about your mission and client's needs will help you overall with your marketing.
  • The techniques I use are very inexpensive compared to the traditional routes, especially to start out!
  • If you buy one of my Written Content Packages below, I can take care of a lot of the routine work for you, and let you focus on your message.

For Great Written Website Content, you have 4 options:

Option A - Do It All Yourself (using "Your Heart's Treasure" instructions) (cost $0)

Option B (recommended) - Basic Written Content Package

  • assemble the web pages yourself, using instructions from "Your Heart's Treasure"
  • I'll proofread and edit your text for spelling, grammar, and marketing format
  • includes basic pages and 2 product pages
Option C - Full Written Content Package
  • e-mail me the answers to your exercises, and I'll assemble and edit your pages
  • I'll also proofread and edit your text for spelling, grammar, and marketing format
  • includes basic pages and 2 product pages
Option D - Full Written Content Package with Typing
  • send me written copies of your exercises, and I'll type it all in and edit
  • I'll proofread and edit your text for spelling, grammar, and marketing format
  • includes basic pages and 2 product pages
What do you need to do?
  1. Do the exercises in the "Your Heart's Treasure" workbook -- this gives us heart-centred content to work with.
  2. Come up with a PDF version of your free gift.  I can help you with that with the Written Giveaway Package (coming soon).
  3. Write articles that you send out to interested prospects, at least once a month.  Again, I can help, for an extra charge.
  4. You need to choose one of the editable website accounts, and pay for it if you're choosing a paid option.  I'll need a temporary password.

So if you're starting small, you can be paying relatively little and getting quite a lot!

So here's what you get:

   Basic Written Content Package
 FULL Written Content Package
 FULL Written Content Package with Typing
Assemble Basic Pages
 no  YES!  YES!
Assemble 2 Product Pages
 no  YES!  YES!
Edit Basic Pages
Edit 2 Product Pages
You Write It; I'll Type It
 no  no  YES!
 1-year guarantee
At any time over the next year, if you are dissatisfied with the work I've done, or you don't feel it's going to pay for itself with the increase in clients, I will either make things right, for free, or I will refund 100% of your money.








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