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If you're part of a small business or non-profit that's trying to make a difference in the world, I want to help you to thrive.  We need more people doing good work in the world, and contributing to healthier communities.  The more successful you are, the more resources you'll have to contribute toward that, and the more impact you'll have.

I've been pursuing social change through various organizations for almost fifteen years.  Now, I'd like to pursue it by working with you.  So, I hope this free gift will help you to better define your business or non-profit organization, and increase your positive impact in the community.

The Free Gift, "Your Heart's Treasure - Section A", includes:

  • Methods for taking your principles and values, and making them a part of your organization
  • The secret to listening better to what your heart is telling you about your organization
  • Techniques to define your purpose more clearly, with a focus on helping clients
  • The key to tapping into your humanity, and using it in your organization
  • A guide for what to look for in editable web site solutions, and how some sites measure up

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Once you do, you will then receive both:

1. “Your Heart's Treasure - Section A” - an intro to effective web pages that come from the heart.

This workbook will outline the building blocks you need to have an effective, heart-centred website. It will also take you through the first step -- developing your story.

2. “Updates from the Heart” - monthly e-mail newsletter

Monthly articles with practical tips for promoting your organization or business, through the internet, and beyond.

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