Message: It's About Quality Not Quantity

You may have heard the conventional wisdom about marketing messages – that people need to hear your message seven times within 18 months to become your customer. This is why Coca-Cola and McDonald's use their vast resources to bombard you with their messages. For those with limited resources, you'll be glad to know that this “wisdom” isn't necessarily true.

There's three things to consider about your marketing message

1. Relevance to current wants and needs

Let's say I open up a falafel stand downtown. I can bombard you with billboards, bus ads, flyers – you name it, but if you aren't hungry, or you don't like falafels (or know what they are), you won't be buying. This is why the first step in marketing is to figure out who your ideal client are, and how to best approach them. If I know a vegetarian group is getting together, I might park my falafel stand right out front around lunchtime!

2. Quality of your message

This is partly about how well-crafted your message is. It's also about the relationship you've built with people. Do they perceive value from your offer? Are you trustworthy and reliable? Do you deliver a quality product or service? If I'm known for making the best falafels in town, and am always open for lunch, that's going to count for more than a lot of repetition will.

3. Quantity of exposure

It's true that quantity can make a difference, but also true that once can be enough, if there's relevance and quality. Someone may see my falafel stand for the first time, but if they're hungry and they like falafels, then once is all it takes.

Content inspired by the book “Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green” - check it out!

Written by Father of Guerrilla Marketing Jay Conrad Levinson, and ethical marketing guru Shel Horowitz

When you're a huge company with a mammoth budget, it's easy to bombard people with your message, and brainwash them into buying. When you're smaller, you need to be more targeted and more strategic about your marketing. That's what Guerrilla Marketing is all about.

This book will tell you a lot about how to tap into the public's thirst for green and ethical business – without “greenwashing” – and how to walk the walk as you do your marketing.

If you're looking for a great book on Ethical Green Marketing, and don't want to spend too much at this point, it's a great way to get started!

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