Mark Silver and "Heart of Business"

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Mark Silver is a Sufi spiritualist teacher with many practical business tips as well.  His workbook about heart-centred websites inspired me to start this business.  His philosophy is that it's possible to make a profit while making a difference in the world.  You shouldn't turn off your heart when doing your business ... instead you should take time to listen to it, and let it guide you to decisions that make you feel good, and that are good for your business.

Mark has a number of products which I think you'll find very helpful.  I've put them in "steps" below, so you have some idea of what you might want to look at first.

Step 1 - Sign up for Mark's Free Offer and eZine

This includes:

1. Getting to the Core of Your Business™: How to Have a Profitable Business and Your Heart.

This 3-chapter excerpt of Mark's book Unveiling the Heart of Your Business is a complete pdf workbook in itself. For several years it has helped turn thousands of entrepreneurs’ understanding of business completely around. The exercises included here help you to stay in your heart in the midst of business chaos, with surprising results.

2. Business Heart™ eZine

Weekly articles on dozens of topics, all aimed on practical applications of your heart in business. Every one of them includes extremely practical tips and exercises that you can use now.

Like my own free offer, there are no strings attached, so there's every reason to give it a try.  Plus, you'll need his free workbook to complete the exercises in my free workbook.

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Step 2 - Get the Book - "Unveiling the Heart of Your Business"

Hardcopy w/bonus CDs & .pdf: $85 US + shipping

This guidebook integrates more than 5000 years of spiritual tradition with down-to-earth, no-nonsense business practices. Mark wrote it to support the healing of your own split between business action, ethics and spirituality, to the point where:
  • You attract more qualified customers with ease.
  • Your profits increase, while your stress level goes down.
  • You have the clarity to make good business decisions, and to have confidence in your choices, even when you go off the beaten path.
  • Your relationship with money is healthy and abundant.
  • You feel nourished by all aspects of the “business” part of your business.
  • You love what you do and know it makes a difference.

It’s complete. It’s thorough. And it’s easy-to-digest.

You don’t need to read the whole book to get value. This 329 page book is 32 chapters split into 6 major sections, and each chapter is only 5-10 pages, with practical, step-by-step exercises, examples, case studies, and side bars a-plenty. Scan through the book for what you want, when you want it, or dive in cover-to-cover and get the big-picture strategy. Both approaches work, and both will help your business.

If you want to work with "Pages from the Heart" on your website, you can buy Mark's book instead of "Your Heart's Treasure".  I can tell you what chapters to read to get what you need -- just ask!

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Step 3 - Get the Workbook and CDs - "Creating Heart-Centered Websites"

Premium version: $179 US + shipping
Regular version: $159 US + shipping

For those who want to create their heart-centred website themselves, or work with a traditional web designer, this book set would be the way to go.  It includes all the information you need to put together pages of content for your website, in an easy-to-understand package!

With this product, Mark would like you to experience:

  • A sense of confidence and clarity in what to do with your website.
  • Seeing your website working for you, in building a list of interested potential customers.
  • Getting a working website up affordably, with a few weeks of focus.
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Step 4 - Get the Home Study Course Package - "Heart-Centered Article Writing"

Premium version: $300 US + shipping
Regular version: $320 US + shipping

In Part C of "Your Heart's Treasure", I'll be talking a bit about writing effective articles that are read, remembered, realized, and recommended.  This course offering goes into much more detail, and will give you more confidence in writing articles.  It did for me when I took it.

Myself, I'm not a strong public speaker, but I can write well.  Speaking or writing (or both) are essential for promoting your business, and if you write effective articles, you will be seen as a leader and a resource in your industry.

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Step 5 - Join the Business Oasis Community Online Forum

One-year membership: $179 US
Six-month membership option: $89.50 US

An online resource, supportive community, and heart-centered business resource-center, all-in-one.

Its and online forum, and more, made up of very talented, bright, dedicated folks. Combine that with the spirit of generosity at the core of our values, and you find that members regularly offer free classes to each other, which are then recorded and added to the Free Member Classes library.

    You’ll also find:

  • A large, and growing, library of features, sorted by topic
  • Freewheelin’ Q&A’s with Mark Silver
  • A Virtual Retreat
  • Direct online access to Mark Silver, the forum’s host
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... and there's even more!

Mark has a broad offering of courses and home studies that take what you've learned above, and go into even more detail.

They are:
And he has the Heart of Business Blog, with content from his eZine and more!

And, well, if you're still thirsty for more (oh insatiable one), please visit my links page.