These are like-minded marketing gurus whose teachings and help I've found invaluable:

Mark Silver is a Sufi spiritualist teacher with many practical business tips as well.  His workbook, "Creating Heart-Centered Websites", inspired me to go into business.  He has a number of amazing classes and workbooks that can help your business really flourish in a heart-centred way.  Why not check his products out?

Tad Hargrave is a progressive marketing guru who specializes in coaching conscious and green small businesses and non-profits. He's the one who first introduced me to the idea of ethical marketing.  He offers workshops on a Pay What You Can basis, and has an excellent analysis and approach on that issue.  He has the Introduction to his Radical Business Intensive workshop on YouTube - check it out.

Other Marketing Help

Guerrilla Marketing Online is Marketing Author Jay Conrad Levinson's website.  Guerrilla Marketing is unconventional, low-budget marketing.
He has great techniques to share, though his values are different.  (He was part of the team that created the Marlboro Man.)

Facebook is a social networking site which can allow you to connect with many people from your past.  You can also create a page for your organization and invite people to become fans.  You can also get addicted to the many games available, but I don't recommend that!

Bill Baren is a life and business coach.  It was through an offer of his that I got to know Mark Silver.

Business Directories are a great way to promote your business on the web, and boost your search engine ranking.  Green America has a great business network for US-based environmental and socially responsible businesses.  They also have a lot of resources for consumers as well.

Other Help with Your Website has a lot of resources about doing well with the search engines (using "white hat", i.e. ethical methods).

Google has a quick summary on how to write well for its search engines.

Hosts for Editable Websites

Help with Changing the World

It's great having a paying job -- even better when you can change the world while you're doing it! offers a free workbook download full of ideas for careers in the world change industry. :)

One place to start is by making informed purchasing decisions -- check out Green America.

Fair Vote Canada is an organization that works toward fairer electoral systems -- mainly looking at proportional representation.  I was the secretary-treasurer of the local group during the Ontario *referendum campaign in 2007.  The recent referenda in Ontario and B.C. didn't go so well, but they're still working hard to educate people, and turn things around.

WPIRG is one of the organizations in which I served as a board member.  They help students get active in the community around social and environmental justice issues.  They are located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, but there are PIRGs on campuses all over Canada and the United States.

Indymedia is a global grassroots network for independent news and event reporting based on open publishing (from anyone).  Started for the Seattle protest against the World Trade Organization in 1999, it now has collectives across the world.

The Working Centre helps to empower low-income people in the Waterloo Region with training, resume writing, and other support services.  They do a lot of work around teaching people to be more self-sufficient.  They also host meetings for groups seeking social change.

Other Personal Interest

Essence of Life chiropractor Lisa Simpson McQuarrie uses the "network" technique -- light touches which work to relax muscles, and allow the spine to align itself properly. She's also a great resource for healthy living in general.  Her website is under construction right now, but you can find her on the web: check out the story about how she met her husbandAddress: 70 Victoria St N, Kitchener, ON.  Phone: 519-742-5440.

Growing in the Arts is a children's theatre program run by our good friend Gita Ashley, who nourishes our creative spirit.

Community Support Connections is an organization my partner Patrick volunteers and works with.  They do Meals on Wheels, as well as brokering cleaning and yard work for senior citizens and others.

Silver Lake Mennonite Camp is a camp on a small lake near Sauble Beach in Ontario, Canada. We usually go to twice a year: once in the fall, and once in the winter (brrr!).

There are a number of choirs I used to be involved with:  Da Capo Chamber Choir, Grand Philharmonic Choir, Ontario Youth Choir, and National Youth Choir, to name a few.


Feel free to contact me.