Is This You?

  • You've started your own business to make a difference in the world. You've got a great product or service, which people like, but business is slow.
  • OR you have your own business, and it's doing fairly well. You're working too many hours keeping things going. You don't enjoy the marketing, or your heart isn't into it.
  • OR you are a staff, board member, or other decision-maker at a non-profit agency. Your agency could really use more income to accomplish more good, or maybe just to survive.
  • OR you're fundraising at a non-profit. You find you're compromising your mission or values to get money from foundations who don't think like you do.
  • OR you're fundraising at a non-profit. You end up having volunteers working at gambling or other fundraisers which don't match the values of the organization. Everyone feels yucky about it, but they do it to keep things going. Some people leave the organization because of it.

These services can benefit:

  • small business owners, new and established

  • non-profit organization directors, staff, or volunteers

  • those without a website

  • those who aren't getting the results they want from their website

  • those who don't have an automated e-mail service to do work for them

And those with the following values:

  • strong sense of community service

  • hate hype and manipulation

  • want a healthier community and a better world

  • would like to work less hard

  • would like to have more monetary resources to do more good

So would you...