Ethical Marketing - How it All Works

Many businesses will help you with your website and with your marketing, but if you want an effective, ethical, heart-centred website that costs less, you need the following elements:

1. Low-pressure, "Little Spoon" Marketing

For ethical marketing you want to feel good about, you need to stay away from the hard sell, arm-twisting techniques and manipulation.  I use a process I like to call "Little Spoon Marketing".  Like at the ice cream parlour, you give people a little spoonful of what you offer.  If they like it, they come back for more, and larger, offerings.

Rather than hooking unsuspecting people into a product they don't really want, you would focus on building long-term relationships with clients, and making them really happy, so they readily recommend your organization.  That's worth more than thousands of advertising dollars.

2. A Monthly eNewsletter

A visit to a website is usually brief and often quickly forgotten.  In conjunction with your free gift offer from above, you'll want to gear your web site to sign visitors up for your e-mail list.  You'll also want to sign up for an autoresponder -- a service that follows up with your customers 24 hours a day, and handles broadcast eNewsletters.

3. Hosting by an Editable Web Site Service

You can pay over $1000 to have your website designed, and it can be difficult to maintain.  With an editable web site service, you can choose a web template from a large selection, and change it as you please -- your content will be saved.  If you see an edit you need, you can log in from anywhere, and use a program that's right on the website and as easy as a word processor to make your changes.

Pages from the Heart specializes in ethical web site marketing with these three elements.

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