Fund Raising Ideas for Non-profits

There are many ideas for events to hold or products to sell as fund raising for non-profits.  These can help raise the fun level, and the fund level.  Here are some other ideas around fundraising:

1. Think about your donors' and volunteers' needs

Think of the donors and volunteers as your customers.  They pay you with their money and time.  It's a freely-offered contribution, but what do you give them in exchange?  I suggest that your "product" is the empowerment and connection around a particular cause, as well as the social connection of your group.

2. Think about the benefits for different levels of donor support

You also need to figure out what you want to offer people for their contributions.  One idea is to have different levels of donation or volunteering.  So people would become a friend, companion, patron, etc. of your non-profit depending on their level of support, and would be entitled to different benefits as a result.  You might want to think about packaging that's appropriate for your group.

One word of caution:  if you're a registered charity, and you're issuing a receipt, the value of the benefit must be "nominal" compared to the donation.  Otherwise, that value must be subtracted from the receipt.

3. Build your web site and e-mail list

When you keep a list, not only of people who donate and volunteer, but also of those who are interested in your organization, then you can update them regularly.  When you provide them with articles that are interesting and/or useful, you build the relationship.  Then, when you ask people for donations, volunteering, or referrals to other people, you're more likely to get a positive response.

I can help you to set up both a web site and an e-mail list so you can build up an outreach program. 

To get started,

4. Partnerships!

Working together with other non-profits or socially responsible businesses in your area is a great way to build healthy communities, and to tap into the power of cross promotion.  One technique that works well in my community is a coupon book that can be used as a fundraiser.  You can introduce people to many green and socially responsible businesses in your area, and raise money at the same time!