Article: Shaking Those Old Habits

All of us have some bad old habits we've gotten into.  We try to shake them, but sometimes they're comfortable and they're familiar.  It's tough to get rid of them.

Some of our business or non-profit choices can be like that as well.  We adopt processes that seem convenient at the time, but over the years, other options have emerged that are better.  Every month, if you set aside some time to look at what you're doing, and how you could be doing it better, it can have a big impact.

Today I'd like to talk about your web provider.  If you don't have one -- great!  You can start fresh with some options from my workbook.  If you do have a provider already, ask yourself whether you can:
  • Easily edit any web page, just like using a word processor?
  • Edit online, from any computer at any time?
  • Edit yourself, without assistance from some web guru?
If the answer to any of these questions is no, you might want to consider changing an old habit.  If you're paying, say $12 a month for your web services, you need to be getting value for your money.  If it's an amazing dynamic web application, then you're getting your money's worth (and maybe even more!). 

For most businesses and non-profits, though, your web site, and your web site needs, are really fairly simple:
  • Static web page content
  • Contact form
  • Sign-up form for your list
  • E-commerce buttons ("Add to cart", "Buy now", or "Donate")
  • Tracking your web traffic (e.g. with Google Analytics)

Writing and Editing is Essential

As a student of "Little Spoon Marketing", tweaking and testing are an essential part of the equation.  You tweak your message (often your headline) to be more effective, you analyze it for a while, and try something else.  You will also be creating articles on a regular basis, and need to add them to your web site easily.

So you'll be writing and editing a lot.  Do you want to be running to your web designer every time you want to make a change?  Or do you want to have only one computer that you can edit web pages from?

It's much more straightforward to do your editing right online, through a web interface, from any computer that can connect to the Internet.  If your provider isn't offering this, but is charging you a lot of money, it's time to think about a change.

So Dump Your Provider

In Part IV of my workbook, I look at three service providers -- Google Sites,, and, and compare them for the services you need. To find out more about your options, take a look at "Your Heart's Treasure - Section A", Part VI, on page 13, titled "Your Web Host".