Article: Articles Make Your Site go Zing!

Lately, I've been learning a lot about promoting my website, and getting more people to come to it. One of the techniques is called Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short. I know, you really wanted to learn yet another acronym!

The tutorial I saw was for the “white hat” methods. Those are the above-board, non-deceptive methods that the search engines themselves recommend. They're also the methods that an ethical marketer would want to use.

There are two large parts to this: you want to have individual pages that are considered very relevant to your target keywords (the ones you expect people to type in when they're looking for your product or service). The other is that your site as a whole must be considered high-quality.

By high-quality, they mean:

  • Lots of original content (the more pages, the better)

  • Links, both internal and external (but especially internal) are not be out-of-date.

  • There are many links to your website from others

So how do you go about this? Getting people to link to you is good. Finding relevant Internet directories, and doing link exchanges with friends and business associates can help a lot. But there's another technique that does a lot of the work for you … it's called article writing!

Articles do your marketing work for you

It's a little bit of work to write an article. It's a lot of work to write many, but using a steady approach of writing one at a time will get you closer to your goal. Once they're written, they start to do your marketing work for you.

People read your articles, and if they like them, they'll recommend them to others. They also link to them, and to your site. And they will sign up for your e-mail list, so they can receive more. You start to get a snowball effect, just from taking the time to write some articles … one at a time.

Keywords are the key

Topics for your articles should speak from your experience, and be something of practical value to your clients. You can also write articles around target keywords.

First, you need to figure out what keywords you want. A free tool which is quite useful for this is the “Google Keyword Tool” (just do a Google search on that phrase). It will give you the number of queries this month for variations of a phrase you give them.

You can also type in your website URL, and it will analyze your site, and suggest keywords from that. Two other keyword tools, which are quite useful (but charge a fee) are at and

Once you have your keywords, you should write an article with one of them. Use the keywords often in the body of the article, and put them in the title. If you're encouraging people to link to it, ask them to use the keywords in the link. You can make as many pages as you like with this strategy. Try to find the most relevant search terms, that have the most hits, and where the competition is least fierce.

A lot of traffic can be good -- and bad

If your strategy works, you can end up being in the top 3 results for that search term, and getting a lot of traffic as a result. Make sure you have other methods of marketing outreach, though. If you were to lose your engine ranking for some reason (changing search engine rules or unscrupulous behaviour by others), you will need other methods to fall back on.

So, for part of your marketing strategy, give article writing a try, start your own eNewsletter, and boost your rank in the search engines. You'll be glad you did!